We were born as many other consultancy Companies: our “founding fathers” were working in Hay Group and one day they decided to become self-employed. Today we say: “create a spin off”, at that time things were defined in a much simpler way. The legend tells that one day, towards the end of 1989, while Alberto Citterio and Gianni Ghini were driving to Varese to visit a customer, Alberto suddenly asked Gianni something like: “What if we made our own Company?” You can imagine Gianni’s reply, since we are still here!

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Giuseppe was - in Enrico's memory - one of the most brilliant students he ever had. He was apparently easygoing and able to enjoy life, but when we started talking about serious things, invariably he demonstrated a level of competence two spans above his classmates. Curious, son of one of those tourism entrepreneurs who manage to transform the South into a paradise for those who want to discover the most beautiful and welcoming part of our country, he had always shown a real instinct for everything that could make him grow culturally and professionally.

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Every time we visit a new, potential client, we always have to decide what to tell him/her. If we consider the figures, we mainly do recruitment, therefore the simplest thing would be saying that we are a head hunting company.

But we should also add that one of our main competencies is understanding people, an activity we do with the support of a lot of sophisticated tools that we have been developing since we started doing this activity.

It’s not all: we could also say that we are an HR Company. When we do it and see some eyebrows raise, we explain that in our team there are all the competencies one can normally find in a Human Resources Department, and for this reason we are able to support our clients in all the activities that are normally handled by the HR function.

When we also want to show that we are able to do even something more, we tell the story of MyLeaf, our work-life balance start-up.


Our strength is the ability to understand our customer’s needs and the flexibility that allows us to customize our services and deliver specific, tailor-made solutions.

Throughout over two decades we have worked with multinational companies as well as with entrepreneurial Organizations that needed support in their HR activities.

Curiosity and passion for our job are our major assets. We thrive on challenges, we love finding original ways to approach the problems, we never give up even if we have to face difficulties that others have not been able to solve out.