Axia becomes multinational: Vinaxia

Axia becomes multinational: Vinaxia



AXIA in Vietnam?

Giuseppe was - in Enrico's memory - one of the most brilliant students he ever had. He was apparently easygoing and able to enjoy life, but when we started talking about serious things, invariably he demonstrated a level of competence two spans above his classmates. Curious, son of one of those tourism entrepreneurs who manage to transform the South into a paradise for those who want to discover the most beautiful and welcoming part of our country, he had always shown a real instinct for everything that could make him grow culturally and professionally. He was in the first group of students that Enrico had brought to the United States, inaugurating a fruitful collaboration between the Catholic University of Milano and Bentley University, in Waltham (Boston). He had also worked for a while with Axia before finding his way.

We had lost sight of each other until we received a phone call in 2018: "I'm Giuseppe, I'd like to tell you a story and make you a proposal: may I see you?". The answer could only be an invitation for a lunch at "our" trattoria, at Boris'. When we saw each other it was as if only a couple of days had gone since the last time. Giuseppe had got engaged to Bernie, a Croatian girl who – like him - was a real entrepreneur, and together they had decided that Artificial Intelligence was THE frontier. In the West, demand for programmers in that field constantly exceeds supply. What to do? Go to Vietnam, a country with almost 100 million inhabitants, very young on average, with a high cultural level and a great desire to do and to succeed: the paradise for a start-up. No sooner said than done. And after 4 years of experience, Giuseppe came to visit us because, knowing how we worked, he was sure it would be easy to export our operating model to Vietnam. After having been successful in opening a start-up for software production (which today has 40 employees, and still growing), why not replicate the experience by creating a subsidiary of AXIA in Vietnam? A trip to this extraordinary country, so similar in many ways to Italy, was enough to decide. Today we can finally say that VinAXIA is a successful reality, which is growing rapidly, turning AXIA into a multinational company (we don't believe it yet).