Organizations are like people: if you observe them from far away, they all look the same, but as you get closer, you realize that each one of them has a really unique character, personality, identity.

Whatever activity touching the human resources in a given company must begin with this capacity to understand the uniqueness of this microcosm. For this reason, during the years we have developed tools and practices that enable us to get on the same wavelength of our clients, trying to understand which solution might be good for them, and which not, even if they might look awesome on the paper.

Another principle in which we deeply believe is that consultants must act like a catalyst, and not as a person who does everything.

Our most successful interventions have been those where we have been able to make our clients autonomous. As a matter of facts, consultants should transfer all their competences to their clients. The true goal of a good consultant is constantly upgrading his knowledge, in order to always have something new to pass on to his/her clients.

And – last but not least – we believe that one of our most important skill is adapting the countless tools we have developed during our history to the specific needs of the organizations we partner with.


We like to think that training has to be strictly connected to the culture and the “historical moment” of the Organization. There are no universally effective solutions. All of our training projects are always studied and customized upon the real needs of the clients.

Furthermore, considering that training is a costly investment for the organizations:

  • we try to set concrete instruments to be able to measure the results of the training intervention
  • we cooperate in searching for financial support of the training activities through public funds

The kind of individual coaching we propose does not necessary mean classroom training.

We set up a “training agreement” with the customer and with the coachee, starting with an analysis of the customer’s requests and the evidences of an individual assessment, and we build an individual itinerary of potential growth, with the goal to improve the individual performance.

During the coaching sessions, we apply the GROW methodology:

  • Goal: Declare and share the objective of the session
  • Reality: Description and analysis of the real current situation of the coachee
  • Options: Processing of the possible alternatives to be considered for the development of the coachee’s behaviors
  • Will: Identification of the actions to be taken and creation of the coachee’s commitment

What is efficient and what motivates most of the people working for an organization? The climate analysis allows a company to assess its strength and work on the aspects that can be improved.

With the help of customized questionnaires, we outline strengths and areas of improvement of the organization, and we propose specific plans of action. The analysis can involve the whole organization or specific groups of its population.

The output of the analysis is a comprehensive report including the proposal for possible actions of improvement.


A correct balance of the compensation policies is of paramount importance for both organization equity and management of professional and motivational growth of the people belonging to an organization.

In order to handle wittingly this critical aspect of an organization it is very important to be able to compare oneself with broader markets and the operational habits of the closest competitors.

Thanks to its access to the most up-to-date databases available on the market, AXIA can support its clients in this delicate activity.


The evaluation of the performance and the incentivisation of the population of an organization can be considered within the most easily measurable activities in the HR function. On the other side, the definition of shared evaluation criteria and the modalities to reward excellent performances are within the most important and delicate activities an organization has to face.

Our experience as managers and consultants allows us to propose different systems of performance appraisal methodologies that are innovative and effective and can be customized on our clients’ needs.

Thanks to our flexibility we have also helped multinational organizations to spread and monitor the correct, consistent and most effective use of their existing internal Performance appraisal system, improving its implementation and the homogeneity of its application.