Sistemi di Welfare


Thanks to our long experience in HR consulting and our attention towards the social issues, we have developed MyLeaf, a true, private welfare system that can be adapted to fit the needs of all Organizations and Companies.

MyLeaf has selected a number of certified suppliers who can provide a whole series of services at controlled costs that may improve the life of the employees and of their families, from children to elderly relatives.

These suppliers are based in the geographic area in which the Company population lives, and are reached through an IT platform (a web portal) that puts them in direct contact with the employees, with the aim to help the employees themselves to face the daily needs as well as the emergencies that can affect their worklife balance.

Moreover, the web portal allows people to find and take advantage of customized services, special offers and competitive prices in many affiliated stores and shops.

The brand “MyLeaf” wants to suggest the image of a tree as a symbol of life: the roots represent the older generation (the past), the trunk is a symbol of the adult life (the present), the foliage are our children (the future).

The MyLeaf web platform can support hundreds of services that can be customized following the needs and requests of the Companies and of their employees.


MyLeaf has identified a range of services to help the satisfaction of the personal needs of the employees, as well as of the company expectations, offering a beneficial solution to the worklife balance problems.

The offered services,dedicated tothe three main generations (Past, Present and Future), have been grouped in different areas that address the main Needs.

...household management

...household management

...medical and healthcare

...medical and healthcare time and leisure time and leisure, instruction and training, instruction and training

... management of very delicate situations

... management of very delicate situations

... therapies and treatments in specialized centers

... therapies and treatments in specialized centers

… Support to the daily needs by the Company

… Support to the daily needs by the Company of the buyingpower of the buyingpower


MyLeaf has carefully identified a few services, called SmartLeaf, that can be purchased by the employees using a money BONUS possibly supplied by the Company.

The SmartLeaf services are tax-free expenses.

«The expenses related to the services with purpose of education, instruction, recreation, social and medical care, cults, can be deducted from the Company revenue with the limit of 5‰ of the total labour cost».


The MisterLeaf services are directly supplied at the premises of the Company and have been studied to help the employees with the daily chores that can hardly be fulfilled during the working hours. The service supplier takes charge of the task, that is fulfilled following the agreed service agreements.

Some examples:

  • Laundry service
  • Deliver of medications
  • Postal service
  • Take away
  • Grocery delivery
  • IT assistance


For each of the offered services, we have selected a number of suppliers who are active on the territory.

Following a strict protocol, MyLeaf has accurately examined and certified all suppliers, visiting their premises and meeting their managers,as well asthe people who actually operate.

The suppliers do not sustain any economic obligation towards MyLeaf: they do not pay anything, neither for the certification process, nor for any economic transaction between the supplier and the employees.


  • Loyalization of the employees
  • Promotion of the values of solidarity and attention to the needs
  • Social Responsibility towards employees and suppliers
  • Creation of a constructive relationship with the Unions
  • Organizational efficiency thanks to a unique management tool
  • Consultancy on defiscalization
  • Consultancy on the compensationpolicies